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Womxn of Color  
Social Media Strategy

Developed a Social Media Strategy for WoC with the

purpose of increasing ticket sales for their third annual summit.

Key Contributions​​
  • Analyzed the WoC's website and social media presence to determine their current strategy

  • Identified key recommendations based on WoC's current social media strategy

  • Created a document containing Social Media Softwares that WoC can use for their third summit

  • Identified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track during the social media campaign

Project Background​​

Womxn of Color is a Social Justice and Wellness organization with the intention to celebrate and inspire Black, Indigenous, Women and People of Color on their journey of ancestral reclamation, community care, and soul evolution. Every year, WoC hosts a 5 day summit with the purpose of creating a brave space for BI&WoC. My team and I were responsible for creating a social media strategy leading up to their third summit with the goal of achieving 50% more ticket sales than the previous two summits.

We were asked to include the following components in our presentation:

  • Analysis: Conducting an analysis of WoC's current Instagram and Facebook presence.

  • Targeting: Creating 2-3 customer personas that were to be targeted for the third summit

  • Strategy: Identifying key recommendations for the upcoming summit

  • Implementation: Including a timeline and budget estimation


During the initial brainstorming session during our team meetings, we were able to identify two major

pain points:

  1. Lack of brand identity

  2. Inconsistency is social media posts and feeds

  3. No available metrics from the previous campaigns

We carried out a brand audit from which we recognized that the brand logo is not memorable, therefore we created a branding guideline with the Logo, recommended fonts and color schemes. 

After analyzing the previous attendees and WoC's social media following, we created the following customer personas:

  1. Women and non-binary folks in Business

  2. Women and non-binary folks in Healthcare

  3. Women and non-binary folks in Education

Based on this research we developed the following recommendations:

  1. Rebranding the WoC Summit

  2. Consistent Social Media posting 

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