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Google Chromebook Project

Developed a Marketing Strategy with the purpose of increasing the popularity of Chromebooks amongst the Canadian Gen Z demographic

Key Contributions​​
  • Explored and analyzed the consumer trends of Chromebook within the Canadian demographics

  • Helped conduct a survey to gain more insights about the Gen Z preferences on laptops

  • Ran Google and Facebook Ads audit to estimate the social media ads cost for the proposed strategy

  • Researched and calculated the merchandize, shipping and other relevant cost factors

Project Background​​

Chromebooks are laptops that run Chrome OS operating system developed by Google. Gen Z's first experience with Chromebooks typically starts in school, with frustrating restrictions on cheaper devices. School districts tend to restrict certain functions, especially access to websites and apps. As a result, despite having high familiarity and awareness for Chromebooks (compared to the general pop.), consideration among Gen Z is significantly lower.

My team was assigned to build out a Gen Z focused Marketing Strategy that includes:

  • Current challenges and insights on Chromebook

  • From the researched insights, develop a marketing campaign n exclusively for Gen Zs in Canada

  • Proposed planning to measure the progress and success of the campaign

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Projected Outcomes

  • Rough budget Estimation


We started by brainstorming the strengths and weakness of each team member to ensure effeective and efficient distribution of tasks. Our first step was to research the Chromebook market to understand the consumer trends. We were finding it challenging to figure out the exact reason behind the Gen Z's dislike towards Chromebooks, and thus we decided to conduct a survey. Through various respondents and online research, we identified our key takeaway; majority of Canadian Gen Z population is either unaware of Chromebooks, and/or has never used one.


Therefore we aimed for our strategy to be of Product Awareness. With this in mind, we introduced "Google's Game Changers (GCC) Competition", a 5-day case competition that will allow 200 participants to compete in our proposed case competition using Google Chromebooks. Our team then researched and developed four relevant factors to better explain our proposed campaign:

  1. Insights regarding Canadian Gen Z's towards Chromebooks

  2. Application process of GCC Competion

  3. Details about the Competion

  4. Forecasted result and impact

Based on our strategy and the campaign, we identified and analyzed three main KPIs to track:

  1. Number of Applicants

  2. Brand Sentiment

  3. Marketing Qualified Leads

Our last step was to figure out the estimated finances and budgeting for the GCC Competion:

  1. Merchandise Costs

  2. Shipping Costs
  3. Marketing Costs
  4. Awards Cost

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